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Comprehensive Weekend Art Course

How to draw and develope a painting that is impactful and meaningful to yourself from start to finish. 

When: 1st and 2nd of October - 10am-3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday 

Where: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre 

Who: Anyone of any experience, background or age if they’re older than 12 and anyone under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult. 

What to bring: See the materials list towards the bottom of the page, and how you can contact me to provide you with the materials that you need for the course. 

Introducing myself and what you can expect on the weekend course

Some of My Work

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The course outline shows all the exercises we will be doing during the weekend course.

Day 1- Drawing Fundamentals

9:50 am - arrive to the space and settle in.

10 am -  Setting the framework for the course, allowing everyone to feel able to ask for help when they need it, and talking about the importance of being nice to ourselves in the artistic process. 



Begin drawing 

How to break down the proportions of an object by using our pencil as a measuring tool. 

Warming up with quick studies, focusing on allowing ourselves to simplify an object by recognizing shapes. And building up from quick studies to longer studies, allowing our understanding of what we see to build as we progress.



How to perceive the different ways we can integrate perspective into our drawings to get a clear picture of how objects vanish into space. Covering 1 point, 2 points, and 3-point perspectives. Then using what we’ve learned to integrate what we think is the most useful type of perspective in our drawings. 

12:30 pm - Lunch Break for 30 minutes 



Different ways you can use a pencil to create tone with hatching and shading. And how to break down tone in several drawings, going from a simple 2 tone drawing to more comprehensive 4 tone drawings. 


Here we will cover how to create tension and energy in a composition by pushing and pulling the gravity within a 2D space. We will also cover mathematical compositions, and an easy way to give your composition balance and harmony with a repeatable formula. As well as this, we will discuss how artists have used mathematical harmonies to create balance in a work. No maths skills are required, just a ruler. 

Then we will use everything we’ve learnt to do some freestyle, integrating our new skills to deepen the visual effectiveness of our works.  

Debrief, questions and wrapping up at 3:30pm 

Day 2- How to Make a Painting


Debrief over yesterday and discussion about anything people would like to understand better. 

Colour theory

In this segment we will learn about how colours interact with each other. Covering additive mixing, subtractive mixing, complimentary colours and how to conduct a colour study to develop hues that we fall in love with, recording them so that we can use them in our painting. Giving you all the information you need to understand colour on a theoretical level, and the ways that pigment in paint actually works. 


Composition of a painting and lighting

Here we will cover how to compose a painting in a way that is meaningful to you. And how we can express ideas and feelings about objects that reflect ourselves through compositional techniques and lighting. 

How to paint 

Here we will be really starting to fall in love with the process by learning how to make the base layer of a painting to build on top of. And then choosing one base layer, we will learn how to build on top of the paint so that we can develop details of a painting in a succinct and sustainable manner. How to go from patching to blending in acrylic and oil. 

12:30 pm - Lunch

Bringing everything together

Now the fun part. We will use our objects of choice, whether you have chosen from my collection that I have brought or your own, to use everything that we will have learned to begin our final painting on our surface. Here we will have 3 hours to develop the method that we would like to use in creating our painting. Whether you choose to make some studies first, or just go all in. At this point you can expect to feel comfortable with your process of drawing, composing and painting to create a work that you love. And I will be happily assisting you in integrating everything that we’ve learnt in way that you feel aligned with to make a painting that’s meaningful to you!



Then we will all start finishing up and each person will receive a handout, full of exercises that they can do that vary in duration so that they can continue to develop their practice following the course. Private tuition will be available for anyone who wishes to receive more guidance on their practice. 

What you’ll need to bring

Let me know if you’d like to use acrylic or oil and if you’d like me to supply you with the materials in the sign up process. You will be emailed a list of the materials that you need to bring once you have signed up. Many materials ,such as surfaces to paint studies on, and other materials that are inconvenient to bring will be supplied in the day and you’ll be guided as to what sort of surface to purchase for your final piece. 


$150 for one, or 10% off per booking if you signup with one or more others. If you’d like me to supply you with materials I’ll contact you following your signup to identify what you need and provide them at an additional cost.

If you’d like to contact me for any enquiries please use the contact form below. If you’re signing up for the weekend course then you will be sent a payment link once you’ve signed up, and we will organise so that I can accomodate your referrals.
Join our Comprehensive Weekend Art Course

Thanks for signing up. See you there!

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